Baby Wearing

If Jack isn’t in my arms, he’s likely in a baby carrier.  When he was very little and struggling with reflux, he was most comfortable when I would hold him. I’m sure he grew used to it, but he just loooooves to be held.  I suppose I don’t really mind the snuggles either….  Although I’m sure I still have a lot to learn, I’ve had a lot of practice baby wearing and I thought I would share some insight.

We have 3 different carriers on rotation at our house.   My go-to is the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling.  It’s lightweight, folds up fairly small, and once you get the hang of it, not so difficult to use.  I keep this one in my car.  I get stopped quite a bit while I’m wearing Jack in the sling. I think he just looks so comfortable in it (often asleep) and many people have not seen a baby in this style carrier before.


My second favorite is the Moby Wrap.  I thought this one was a little more difficult to understand the concept, and while you have a screaming baby who wants you to hold him, is a little frustrating to use.  Once you understand the concept of wrapping, it really isn’t difficult and your baby feels very secure in it!  I use this one when I’m needing to get a lot done around the house and am being fairly active.


Terrible angle,  but look at that tiny sleeping babe!

The third one is the Baby Bjorn carrier.  We received this one from my sister-in-law who used it with her 3 kids.  This one works great as a replacement for a stroller, if you were going on a trip or long walks.  It’s more supported in the back and very secure.  I have read different things about baby’s knee and hip support in these, so you may want to do some research as well.



All 3 of these carriers have benefits and drawbacks, so I suggest if you are searching for a baby carrier, try them out at the store, or borrow a friends for a little while.  They all take some getting used to but really are fairly easy to use.  Baby wearing is a somewhat personal thing, and people have different views on it.  I love having my baby close to me, being able to talk and interact with him, and knowing that he feels secure and relaxed so close to me.

In The City

Green Bambino sells many varieties of baby carriers and they are so helpful!  They will take the time to show you the different carriers and how to use them.  When I first started using my ring sling, I was having some difficulty understanding it. I brought it in to their store for a little tutorial and it was so helpful!

Here is a list of some other carriers, slings, and wraps!

Ergobaby– Carriers

Boba -Carriers and Wraps

Wildbird– Ring Slings

Solly Baby– Wraps


**Edit- Here is a great link to an interesting infographic and article about babywearing!  I love how she talks about how beneficial it is for mom and baby.




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